Parker’s TP profile piston T-seal is designed to retrofit o-rings in no back-up, single back-up and
two back-up standard industrial reciprocating o-ring glands. Its compact design provides
improved stability and extrusion resistance in dynamic fluid sealing applications.
The flange or base of the T-seal forms a tight seal in the gland and supports the anti-extrusion
back-up rings. When energized, the back-up rings bridge the extrusion gap to protect the rubber
sealing element from extrusion and system contamination.

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ImageNameId Inner MmId Inner InchOd Outer MmOd Outer InchThickness MmThickness InchGroove Height MmGroove Height InchMaterialBrand Part NoPriceBuy
test00.18700.5000000.250Fabric Reinforced NBR B 050018$19
test (Copy)00.25000.5620000.270Fabric Reinforced NBR B 056025$19